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Zero – Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack (Magic Mint)

Zero – Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack (Magic Mint)

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  • Welcome to the ZERO Life, ZERO harmful ingredients, just flavored air to curb additions. ZERO delivers solely flavored air to gratify the dopamine receptors.
  • Each aromatherapy inhaler contains 2,000 inhales to last users. Any time there is a sudden urge or oral fixation, use ZERO to satisfy cravings to wane off of the harmful habits.
  • ZERO contains NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco. ZERO, essentially flavored air, can be thought of as a cessation device to help users quit. #Quitthenic Our goal is to empower people to say no to harmful ingredients.
  • ZERO offers 6 fantastic flavors: Arctic Peach, Green Punch, Heaven, Jolly Berries, Magic Mint and White Gummy, Join us on social for a healthier future @thezerobrand on Instagram
  • Our products do NOT contain any of the following: NICOTINE, DIACETYL, FORMALDEHYDE, VITAMIN E ACETATE

Flavor: A special Mint, A Magical One. 

Battery: 850 mAh

Inhales: ~2,000 Puffs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it. Have one issue though

I really do like to use it. I have noticed though that when i fidget with it if you put pressure on the bottom it goes off. Idk if maybe mine is defective or if it is a flaw.

Karra Inman
Amazing product

Love the design and the way it hits. Great flavor for the menthol girlies. 10/10

Zero Magic Mint

I tried the magic mint pen to help me quit smoking. I am extremely satisfied. My cravings are satisfied with the pen. It has a great mint flavor that helps a lot since I smoked menthol. I’m ordering another one.

Great taste

Super strong and great taste, gives your throat a cooling sensation and would recommend!

Amazing Flavor to help quit Nic

Amazing flavor profile that has helped me quit nicotine. I would reccomend to anyone looking to quit smoking as well.

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