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Zero – Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack (Magic Mint)

Zero – Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device, Single Pack (Magic Mint)

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  • Welcome to the ZERO Life, ZERO harmful ingredients, just flavored air to curb additions. ZERO delivers solely flavored air to gratify the dopamine receptors.
  • Each aromatherapy inhaler contains 2,000 inhales to last users. Any time there is a sudden urge or oral fixation, use ZERO to satisfy cravings to wane off of the harmful habits.
  • ZERO contains NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco. ZERO, essentially flavored air, can be thought of as a cessation device to help users quit. #Quitthenic Our goal is to empower people to say no to harmful ingredients.
  • ZERO offers 6 fantastic flavors: Arctic Peach, Green Punch, Heaven, Jolly Berries, Magic Mint and White Gummy, Join us on social for a healthier future @thezerobrand on Instagram
  • Our products do NOT contain any of the following: NICOTINE, DIACETYL, FORMALDEHYDE, VITAMIN E ACETATE

Flavor: A special Mint, A Magical One. 

Battery: 850 mAh

Inhales: ~2,000 Puffs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Laura McNally
Magic Mint

I live in NYS and cigarettes are now $15 a pack. I have been cigarette free for 10 days and counting bc of the Zero pen!


Tastes amazing and it’s “strong” enough!

Not a Fan of the Mint

While I did expect a more artificial mint flavor, unfortunately this one just wasn’t for me. For me personally it’s 1-star but for those who like the more artificial mint flavor you get with other disposables it could be better. Giving it 3-stars because the hit is still a good hit and I can appreciate that.

Great product

It works amazing!!

Courtney Utermark

Absolutely love the zero magic mint. The fresh mint flavor honestly helps with nausea, and is helping break the nic habit. I will be purchasing again.

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